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5 New Year’s Resolutions You Won’t Keep

5 New Year’s Resolutions You Won’t Keep

Posted by Hilton Coylumbridge, January, 2015

Just a few months into the New Year it’s always possible to split the Great British public into two groups – those that have already broken their resolutions for the New Year and those that are close to doing so. Year after year, it proves one of the most futile and somewhat redundant of ventures for millions of us, though there’s much to be said for good intentions even if they don’t quite pan out.

What’s even more amusing about the whole thing is the way in which 2015’s most common and thus commonly broken resolutions are of course the same as those of 2014…and 2013…and 2012 and so on. So, if you’re among those yet to falter, then feel free to give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back, but if it happens to be one of the following promises you’ve made to yourself, chances are you’ll be joining your failed brethren soon enough:

Improving Your Diet

Right off the bat, there seems no better time than in the wake of the Christmas excess to knock unhealthy food and drink on the diet pretty universally. You can’t face another glass of wine, piece of chocolate or anything that comes close to resembling a mince pie. Sadly, this all fades the moment you realise winter in the UK is NOT the time for crunching down salads and that liquor-laced hot chocolate is just the ticket for those chilly evenings. Chalk one up for the little devil on your shoulder.

Making Use of That Gym Membership

Last year you spent a small fortune on the gym only to go maybe twice at best – this year you’ll make up for it by going TWICE as often. Trouble is, the fact that it’s freezing cold and pitch black outside during the pre- and post-work hours you could actually get to the gym making staying at home with the aforementioned hot chocolate a much more appealing prospect. Such a shame the New Year doesn’t kick off in the summer…

Being Nicer to Your Other Half Every Day

You’ve promised to be the wonderful partner you know you should be in 2015 and made a commitment to booking that Highland Spa Break you know he or she has been dreaming of. Sadly, your credit card bill has just arrived following a two-month binge of biblical proportions and you now realise you’re more likely to buy a few tea-lights and splash out on a bottle of unbranded bubbly at home.  Although you may be surprised at how inexpensive our highland hotel actually is for a spa break.

Learning a New Language

It’s now been about 15 years since you promised yourself you’d pick up where you left off and re-master the fine art of the Italian language. It’s now 2015…who are you kidding?

Watching Over Your Spending

And finally, those credit card bills prompted you to keep an eye on your expenses this year by holding onto your receipts, writing expenses down and generally looking for ways to be frugal. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long to realise this is all about as much fun as having a root canal and that in certain instances, ignorance can indeed be bliss!