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50 Years of Cocktails at Hilton Coylumbridge

50 Years of Cocktails at Hilton Coylumbridge

Posted by Hilton Coylumbridge, September, 2015

Here at Hilton Coylumbridge hotel, we’re proud to serve up some of the finest food and drink in the region which, where possible, are sourced locally and prepared with real Scottish tradition in mind. Our Cocktail Club has been one of the most popular elements of our service package for quite some time now, serving up the finest long and short drinks inspired by decades of cosmopolitan living and fine dining.

Every decade as far back as the 50s has its own signature cocktail that’s as closely-associated with the given time period as its most famous faces and fashions. The Hilton Coylumbridge hotel this year celebrates it's 50th anniversary so we thought we'd invite guests to take a welcome step back into the decade of their choosing, by enjoying timeless taste of our classic cocktails spanning over 50 years of good taste.

60s – Vodka Martini

Still seen today as something of the quintessential gentleman’s cocktail, it was of course none other than James Bond himself who propelled the vodka martini into global superstardom. Well, more accurately it was in fact Sean Connery who first outed the legendary ‘Shaken, Not Stirred’ order in Goldfinger back in 1964, which even today continues to be a calling card for the world’s most famous secret agent. A heady mix of vodka and vermouth, it’s a glass of genuine sophistication.

70s – Tequila Sunrise

Undoubtedly the rock n’ roll cocktail of the 70s, both The Rolling Stones and The Eagles did a pretty good job in reflecting a good dose of their own fame and glory onto the tequila sunrise. The Eagles wrote a song about it while The Stones were seen downing plenty during a 1974 North American tour. Suffice to say, word got out and this iconic mix of tequila, orange juice and grenadine became part of 70s history.

80s – Pina Colada

This pure taste of beach paradise originally hails from Puerto Rico and remains one of the world’s most cherished cocktails of all time. It was of course brought into popular culture by the 1980 hit by Rupert Holmes, but it hardly needed a great deal of help anyway. A rich, refreshing and decadent blend of white rum, coconut cream and pineapple juice brings a taste of summer, whatever the weather.

90s – Cosmopolitan

The girls from Sex and the City may have done a good job in bolstering the appeal of this one, but it was actually a sighting of Madonna drinking a Cosmo at the height of her early-90s fame that propelled it to superstardom. Vodka, Cointreau and cranberry juice come together to create the ultimate in stylish refreshment.

00s – Mojito

Last up, few realise that the origins of the mojito are in fact quite humble. It was created by Cuban farmers who added mint and lime to low-end rum just to stop it from tasting so awful. Suffice to say, the rest of the world took kindly to the combination and the rest is history – the mojito remains one of the most popular and fashionable cocktails ever mixed and is an absolute classic for summer evenings.