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Aviemore Half Marathon Last-Minute Tips and Tricks

Aviemore Half Marathon Last-Minute Tips and Tricks

Posted by Hilton Coylumbridge, October, 2016

The Aviemore Half Marathon takes place this Sunday, 16 October. Here are some last-minute tips from Hilton Coylumbridge to help get you over that finish line.

1) Plan how you’ll get to the starting line.

Don’t be left red-faced before the race even starts. Make sure you arrive ahead of your allocated time.

2) Clip your toenails.

There’s nothing worse than losing a nail – or maybe running 26 miles after losing one would be worse.

3) Pack a throwaway bag of essentials to the starting line.

Bring snacks to boost your energy, fluids and Vaseline.

4) Don’t wear new running shoes.

It’s not a fashion parade. Try to have at least 75 miles on your shoes before wearing them on the big day.

5) Double-knot your laces.

However, make sure you leave enough room for your feet to swell.

6) Be prepared to suffer fatigue.

And be ready to kick it to the kerb when you feel it.

7) Make use of any energy drinks you can get hold off.

When you're at your lowest point, you’ll feel the boost almost immediately.

8) Smile at photographers.

When you cross the line. You’ll thank yourself later.

Good luck to all the runners!