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Avoid Injuries and Stay Safe During Your Ski Trip to Aviemore

Avoid Injuries and Stay Safe During Your Ski Trip to Aviemore

Posted by Hilton Coylumbridge, March, 2015

Every year, thousands of skiers descend on Aviemore because of the popularity of Cairngorm Mountain. As one of the best skiing destinations in Scotland, beginners, intermediate and expert skiers alike can find the right trail for their ability. 

While skiing injuries are relatively uncommon, with only 2 injuries per thousand skiers, lack of proper preparation will result in accidents. Nothing will ruin a holiday like an unexpected injury. To make sure you get the most out of your trip, here is how to avoid injuries and stay safe during your ski trip to Aviemore.

How to Avoid Injuries While Skiing

Most of the common skiing injuries are easily avoided if you pay attention to your body, use the right equipment, and don’t try trails that are too difficult for your skill level.

Avoid Fatigue and Dehydration

Most people only go skiing once or twice a year, so it’s not surprising that you might not immediately be able to ski for hours and hours at a time. Even the most advanced skiers need rest! Take breaks regularly and drink plenty of water. Don’t feel the need to push yourself. You’ll have a lot more fun if you don’t overextend yourself, and you will come back to the slopes refreshed and ready each day. 

Don’t Skip Out on Lessons

If you’re a beginner, you definitely want to enroll in some lessons before launching yourself down the mountain – even the easy trails. If you haven’t skied in many years, consider a lesson to brush up on the basics. You’ll be more confident and less likely to make mistakes if you have an instructor guide you.  You can also get lessons before the snow season starts if you want to be confident by the time your holiday arrives.

Use the Correct Trails for Your Skill Level

There’s no need to hit the hardest trails possible. If you’ve only ever skied down a bunny slope, don’t all of a sudden try out a black diamond. It’s better to work your way up, only advancing one difficulty level at a time. You’re way less likely to get injured this way, and you also won’t be absolutely terrified going down the mountain.

Check Your Equipment

Make sure that none of your equipment is faulty and that it’s also set up correctly for your skill level. If your bindings are set too high for your ability, you’re more likely to get injured. If you’re not sure if your equipment is as it should be, ask one of the instructors. Also, always wear a helmet.

Some Tips to Reduce Risk:

  • Don’t stop in places where you’re blocking someone’s way or are not visible from further up the mountain.
  • Always give the right of way to people ahead of you
  • If you’re merging or going downhill, yield to those coming from uphill
  • Don’t venture into closed trails and pay attention to any warning signs

Even though we want you to be as safe as possible so you enjoy your stay, there is no reason to feel worried about injuring yourself while skiing. If you follow these tips and seek out expert help whenever you’re unsure, you’ll love your time skiing in Aviemore.

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