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Awaken Your Senses in Aviemore

Awaken Your Senses in Aviemore

Posted by Maria Mangion, September, 2017

The stresses of today’s hectic lifestyle have us all in sensory overload – and often not for the right reasons. When busy life in the city starts to take over, it’s time to tune out and pamper your senses. There’s no shortage of options to restore your natural equilibrium in the Scottish Highlands – the landscapes, scenery and natural life make for a fairytale spa that will restore your harmony in one perfectly timed break.

Cairngorms National Park

Feast your eyes on the sprawling and seemingly infinite mountainous plains of Britain’s largest national park. Teeming with vibrant wildlife, verdant glory and wilderness, every tree and rock has a story to tell at Cairngorms National Park. If you want to get away from it all, this is truly the spot to do so. The soft wind blowing through the pinewoods, the gentle lull of the lochs’ banks and the soothing melody of the Scottish crossbill will heal you from within.


Rothiemurcus Estate

This estate set in miles of Caledonian forest is a haven contained within the larger Cairngorms National Park. You can explore the coniferous woodlands along tracked pathways, encountering an iron bridge and the rare capercaillie – a special breed of grouse – if you’re lucky. The river streams parallel to your footsteps and the clean, fresh air is suffused with petrichor. Go on and cleanse your spirit in the scents, sounds and sights of the beautiful Aviemore area at the turn of the season at Rothiemurcus Estate.


Loch an Eilein

The ruined island castle perched atop Loch an Eilein is the stuff of ancient folklore brought to life. It sits on the stunning sheet of water that is the loch, reflecting the giant pines encircling it and giving light to their magnificent character.  You’ll feel the tremendous work of art that is nature as you journey past postcard cottages set in wonderfully diverse greenery, as well as the pacifying quiet erasing all memory of the hustle-and-bustle from your head.


Highland Wildlife Park

There’s nothing like spotting the Scottish wildcat or even a polar bear to fully immerse yourself in a world unlike anything from your daily routine at home. Bridge the gap between you and the wonders of nature and include a visit to the Highland Wildlife Park in your Aviemore plans.  You can bring tons of cheer to your day with a legendary snap with snow leopards, Siberian tigers, wolves, macaques and pandas. Your senses will be switches to a completely different gear that fosters a healthy appreciation for our natural habitat.


The Bistro

And for the grand TLC finale, you can leave it to us to work our magic. Celebrate reconnecting with nature with a selection of eclectic tastes at The Bistro. From classic steaks and burgers to satisfy all sizes of appetite to sumptuous risottos and salads, your taste buds will get the golden treatment. The charming décor of the restaurant, complete with contemporary touches and mood lighting is sure to seal the deal.

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