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Your Guide to Conserving the Cairngorms

Your Guide to Conserving the Cairngorms

Posted by Maria Mangion, February, 2018

It's easy to let your jaw drop at the beauty of the Highlands, especially when it comes to the vast, sprawling area of the Cairngorms National Park. Brimming with specimens of life in all its forms, the park is home to one quarter of Scotland’s native forest; one third of UK land above 600 metres; more breeding farmland waders than the whole of Wales; the largest population of twinflower in Scotland; 80% of the UK’s population of capercaille, and the list goes on...

This level of diversity and ecological significance is one of Scotland's greatest assets and treasures. As human traffic and global environmental issues undergo a year-on-year increase, we must unite in a collective movement to protect our immaculate natural playgrounds.

Cairngorms National Park

Why You Should Care

The literal definition of the environment is the space which surrounds us, so there's no escaping it – the natural world is the collective home of humanity, regardless of who you are or where you live. We all have a share in the responsibility of looking after Mother Nature and nurturing the planet we call home. Gone are the times when the Earth could sustain itself independently of human development.

We're now equally faced with a commitment to ourselves and our children's future, and this involves doing our bit to conserve the marvels nature has gifted us with. When visiting our area of the Highlands, we cordially remind you to be mindful of our environment and follow the codes of conduct highlighted by CairnGorm Mountain and other directly involved in the environmental wellbeing of the Cairngorms community. CairnGorm Mountain's mission is eloquently outlined in its environmental policy so you can learn more about the excellent initiatives keeping the national park alive and healthy for your visits. 

Cairngorms Nature

What You Can Do

Here are some guidelines to help you make environmentally friendly choices when you venture into the Cairngorms National Park:

  • When going out exploring, take all the supplies you need with you to ensure that your human footprint is minimised and kept as close to zero as possible. Carry plastic bags or other containers to store your waste in, because the likelihood is that bins won't be available in the open wilderness. Never litter outside!
  • Use your car only as far as you really need to. Remember us humans have a pair of ingeniously designed legs to take us far and wide! Wherever possible, walk, cycle or use public transportation.
  • Take care not to cause physical damage to fragile sections of the landscape when hiking. Avoid stepping over trees, plants and shrubs, and stick to designated pathways whenever they're available.
  • Avoid wastefulness. If you're having three cups of coffee a day, why not carry a refillable flask to support you throughout your journey instead of purchasing three disposable cups? Teach your kids the 5 R's: refuse, reduce, reuse, repurpose, and recycle, and practice them yourself to deliver an impactful lesson.


How You Can Help More

  • Donate money to good environmental causes.
  • Extend this conservationist spirit to your daily living in the city or elsewhere.
  • Organise your own "environmental awareness days" – these could be anything from local clean-ups with friends and family, to educational sessions with children, to fundraising events.

Take advantage of our Book Early Offer and save 20% off your stay as you help save the planet. Located amongst leafy Highland greenery, our hotel's the perfect base to inspire the conservationist in you and your little ones. Let's all play our part in building a better world.