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Family skiing tips: enjoy the experience

Family skiing tips: enjoy the experience

Posted by Hilton Coylumbridge, December, 2013

Skiing in the Cairngorms is a fantastic holiday experience for families of all ski abilities. Family ski trips make magical memories, but be prepared and plan your trip in advance. Here we have highlighted our top tips for a stress-free family ski holiday.

Practice makes perfect

Familiarising your children with the equipment and clothing can be a real confidence booster before they get out on the slopes. Families usually find visiting a dry ski slope is also beneficial. At this stage it’s not necessarily learning the techniques, just getting used to the feel of the skis can really help get the kids excited about the real thing.

Once you are there it might be an idea to enrol your children into a ski school. If you or another family member are a confident skier and happy to teach them then that is a bonus. If not then find a reputable ski school within the resort ? even if they just spend a couple of mornings in the school it will improve their technique and be good for their confidence on the slopes.

Go as a group

Remember skiing with kids can at times be a little nerve racking. Keeping an eye on them on the slopes whilst trying to ski down a mountain yourself is sometimes a testing experience. Share the load and ski with another family. Going as a group is lots of fun, with other children for your little ones to play with and more adults to keep an eye on them all. Alternatively recruit a willing family who is happy to forfeit a full days skiing in favour of looking after the little ones off the slopes. This way you get to enjoy an afternoon of challenging skiing.

Keep them cosy

Being halfway up a mountain freezing cold with your kids isn’t pleasant. Remember layering is key to keeping cosy so invest in some good thermals and a fleece. Some ski resorts can reach high temperatures during the midday sun, so you will be thankful for the layers when you are catching a few rays at lunchtime. Ski suits are an absolute novelty for kids especially salopettes and all in ones. That said, outer wear is expensive, so while your children are growing always try to rent, borrow or buy their suits second hand.


Remembering to take a few pairs of gloves per child could be the tiny tip which could make a big difference. Wet or lost gloves will ruin your day, so be prepared. Sunglasses and goggles are also crucial accessories when going out on the slopes ? don’t let the glare from the sun or a torrential snowstorm affect your day. Many resorts now won’t let children out on the mountain without a helmet, so investing in one for your child is very important. Make sure it fits correctly and your children know how to fasten it themselves.

It’s not all about skiing

As we all know children get bored easily. Make sure you plan afternoon activities for your kids as some will only be able to manage a few hours of skiing. At the Hilton Coylumbridge we have a variety of activities for children within the resort. We have a fantastic pool complex including a family pool with a slide and a toddler's pool specially for the really little ones. Our three floor Fun House is a firm favourite amongst our junior guests. Full of ball-pits, slides, tunnels and a large soft play tree-house; your children will have hours of fun. We also have 10-pin bowling, video-game arcade and mini golf to keep them entertained after a morning in Ski School.

Stay close to the slopes

The closer you are to the slopes the better. You won’t just have your ski gear to carry around, you will have your kid's equipment too. Many resorts in Europe are situated right on the slopes which make it even easier to get the kids kitted out and skiing. If this isn’t an option then look for accommodation that is near the resort or on a regular bus route.

As well as the Hilton Coylumbridge being the closest hotel to the slopes, there is also a bus service to and from the ski centre. Our complimentary drying room will keep all your soggy ski gear out the way and in one place so you won’t lose anything or have a bedroom scattered with boots and poles.

For more information on our winter ski packages and the excellent facilities on offer at the Hilton Coylumbridge, call us today on 01479 810661.