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“Veiksmi” (Good Luck) to Latvian Front of Office Manager Indra Peterson After 10 Years

“Veiksmi” (Good Luck) to Latvian Front of Office Manager Indra Peterson After 10 Years

Posted by Hilton Coylumbridge, April, 2016

This week, after 10 years at Hilton Coylumbridge, we wave farewell to our Front Office Manager, Indra Petersone and wish her “veiksmi” (that’s good luck in Latvian) in her new role as Front of House Manager at Hilton Manchester Deansgate.

Here’s an old photo of Indra (front row, centre) posing with fellow team members. Awww…

This is Indra (green trousers! )posing for a ski themed photography shoot outside the hotel entrance.

Skiers at Hilton Coylumbridge

10 Wonderful Years

  • 2006 - Started career as a waitress at Hilton Coylumbridge
  • 2007 – Applied for job as receptionist and was successful!
  • 2011 – Returned to Latvia for family reasons but missed everyone so much she returned after three months!
  • 2012 – promoted to Assistant Front Office Manager
  • 2013 – appointed as Front Office Manager
  • 2016 – appointed as Front Of House Manager at Hilton Manchester Deansgate

Thanks for all your hard work Indra and best of luck in your new role in Manchester.

Now thankfully we have plenty of fabulous team members capable of steadying the ship now that Indra has gone. In fact, we’d like to congratulate the following team members for receiving Long Service Awards.

Lorraine Cruickshanks – 10 years

  • Started as a Room attendant before transferring to become a Laundry assistant
  • Born nearby in Kingussie, Lorraine loves having a local job where she can balance her job and family life.
  • She likes nothing more than watching a game of Shinty.
  • Funny story – After a young family’s canoe capsized on Loch Morlich, Lorraine came to the rescue when they arrived soaked to the skin at the hotel laundry room. Hotel Manager, Marie was shocked to later find the couple wandering the corridor wearing bathrobes!

Svetlana Ozola – 10 years

  • Arriving from Latvia, Svetlana knew very little English
  • Started as a Room Attendant and is now Assistant Housekeeper
  • Completed a Hilton course in English before continuing her studies at Inverness College
  • Loves taking shopping trips to Glasgow
  • Funny story – Svetantla once called a guest to explain that she’d left a teddy bear in her guest room. Sandra, the Deputy Housekeeper was confused to find Svetantla (who’s English wasn’t quite there yet) on the phone repeatedly saying “Ted-eee Beer, Ted-eee Beeer, Ted-EEE BEEER”.

Stephanie Higgins – 5 years

  • Started when she was just 14 years old, working only Saturdays
  • At 16, she became a full-time Room Attendant and is now Housekeeping Supervisor and Department Trainer.
  • Funny story – One morning while cleaning guest rooms, a new pair of shoes left Stephanie with sore feet. After taking them off to continue her duties, she didn’t notice the hotel’s Maintenance Officer take her shoes and hide them as a prank. It wasn’t until the afternoon that everyone realized poor Stephanie hadn’t showed up for a team meeting and had missed lunch because she couldn’t find her shoes! 

Tanya Ulmane – 10 years

  • Originally from Sigulda in Latvia
  • Tanya loves spending time with her family!
  • Thanks to Tanya for your hard work.

Well done to all of them! Just goes to show how great a place it is to work at Hilton Coylumbridge. Want to join our team? Visit the Hilton Careers page.