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Grainger Cowie: Celebrating 25 Years of Summer Service

Grainger Cowie: Celebrating 25 Years of Summer Service

Posted by Hilton Coylumbridge, September, 2015

Summers are always special in the Scottish Highlands at Hilton Coylumbridge, but what makes them even more so is the annual homecoming of team member, friend and inspiration to all, Grainger Cowie.

Philanthropist, psychotherapist, historian, agriculturalist, theologist and teacher - Grainger has worn all of these labels with pride.

Grainger, a dual British and Canadian citizen, first came to the UK - and to Scotland in 1990. If it hadn't been for a major flood at the Dingwall Animal Auction, he may not have come across the small Highland village of Aviemore.

Looking to move on from the floods and in search of work and accommodation, Grainger happened upon Hilton Coylumbridge... and so the story began.

For 25 years Grainger has returned EVERY summer to work at the hotel.

The team (old and new) have welcomed him for his eagerness to learn new things, the ease at which he builds relationships and his willingness to share his stories - told through a lifetime of rich and varied experiences. He has been an inspiration to many.

Guests young and old delight in their interactions with Grainger, who shares his knowledge of the area and encourages them to see more of the National Park and get the most out of their holiday experience.

Anyone who has met Grainger is unlikely to forget him. He has a natural ability to make others feel special  - his enthusiasm for life is infectious.

We have been so fortunate to have Grainger Cowie as a member of the family at Hilton Coylumbridge. When asked about next year, the 76 year old was quick to respond with, “Never say never!” and with that said, we look forward to seeing Grainger again in 2016!