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Horsing Around in Aviemore

Horsing Around in Aviemore

Posted by Maria Mangion, October, 2017
“A horse is a thing of beauty, none will tire of looking at him as he displays himself in his splendour”.

 Xenophon (ancient Greek philosopher)

Need we add more? As far back as 2400 years ago, a prominent student of Socrates was exclaiming appreciation for this majestic beast’s qualities. Xenophon was born into an equestrian family and his historical writings feature extensive symbolism and imagery inspired by horse figures.

Fast forward to 2017 and mankind’s fondness for horses hasn’t abated – in fact, the British Horse Society found that in 2015, there were an estimated 962,000 regular female riders in the UK, plus 348,000 males. That’s almost 2% of the population, which earns it a top place in the list of Britain’s most beloved sports.

Having Some Highland Horse Fun


Taking this passion for horses and plunging it into the heart of one of the most beautiful, unspoiled stretches of natural scenery in the world has got to deliver something special. This is exactly what the Cairngorms National Park can offer you – miles and miles of gorgeous ground to cover alongside your four-legged partner.

Highland Horse Fun is your port of call for this one-of-a-kind experience. With a genuine love of equestrianism that runs deep to the core of their enterprise, the team operates on a fountain of knowledge, expertise and care when it comes to horse-riding in the Scottish Highlands.


Based in Newtonmore on the way to Aviemore via the A86, the fully approved centre offers rides, lessons and holidays with a troupe of wonderful horses. The star of the centre is, without any doubt, the Highland Pony – a regular protagonist in movies shot in the north of Scotland. Kids can get their dreams turned into reality with a day spent on the back of a lovable pony. For children who already have riding experience and want regular sessions on horseback, there’s a Saddle Club which runs on Saturdays and Sundays.


A family bonding experience like no other, horse-riding in the Cairngorms National Park is an opportunity to taste the magic of our landscape and feel as connected to our ancestry as can be. If you’re yearning for this picture but don’t have the riding skills or inclination to saddle up and go, Highland Horse Fun also organise horse-and-carriage rides. The centre’s dedicated staff provide training and support for all aspiring equestrians, from the most tender to the most senior of ages.

The Ride of a Lifetime


For a truly creative twist to the biggest day of your life, try speeding off into the sunset with your newly minted other half on a splendid pair of horses. Your wedding snapshots will be legendary – guaranteed! If you or a loved one are tying the knot soon, why not have a look at the Hilton Coylumbridge’s wedding packages? You can combine one of our exquisitely prepared ceremonies with the thrills of a honeymoon on horseback, all within the bewitching atmosphere of the Highlands.

Couple with Champagne

But if marriage and singular celebrations aren’t on your calendar of events this year, Hilton Coylumbridge in Aviemore can still make you feel like one in a million. You can enjoy our Autumn Breaks with Prosecco from just £99 per room per night for a two-night midweek break, including breakfast, dinner and a bottle of Prosecco to share on both days. A romantic afternoon of horse-riding might just lead to another life-changing proposal!