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How Many Munros Can You Master This Summer?

How Many Munros Can You Master This Summer?

Posted by Maria Mangion, June, 2018

Munro-bagging is a joy to pursue through all four seasons, but summer makes it especially attractive and accessible for beginners. The milder weather conditions, longer days and bursts of sunshine can spur you faster to the top than any other vitamin, so if you’re looking for a healthy and rewarding challenge, we’ve got it laid out here for you.


Scottish Mystique at 3,000 Feet

Cairngorms National Park is home to no less than 50 Munros – the Scottish hills that tempt mountain status at over 3,000 feet (914.4 metres) tall. They’re named after Sir Hugh Munro, who was the first to compile a list of such peaks in 1891 and was an avid hillwalker himself.

There are 282 Munros in Scotland, so this enterprise can keep you happily occupied throughout your lifetime, even though the fastest successful round of Munro-bagging was achieved by Stephen Pyke in 2010. He climbed all the summits in 40 days without using any motorised means of transport to flit from one hill to the next. Impressive doesn’t begin to cut it!


Non-Menacing Munros You Can Meet

There’s no doubt that Munros aren’t meek creatures, so you’ll want to prepare yourself both physically and mentally for the challenge. Picking the right Munro for you is the right way to begin this adventure.

Beginners should always tread with caution and err on the conservative side. Don’t attempt to scale the highest peaks if you haven’t got any hillwalking experience. Mountains have a knack for luring you in with their gorgeous geological profile, then kick you in the shins once you commit to making an ascent.

Start modestly with the easiest Munros and increase the level of difficulty as you score one after the other and get stronger. Walkhighlands is the best resource available for hillwalking enthusiasts. Use its trove of valuable information for a safe and satisfying experience!


Mount Keen (Beginner)

This is the most easterly of the Munros. Coming in at approximately 3,081 feet (939 metres), it’s an accomplishment within reach for those who have never tackled a Scottish mountain before. Mount Keen’s summit rises upwards, cone-like, over the folded tapestry of the Mounth Plateau. Two routes of varying length can be taken, and the views open out over the rugged plains of the park.

Bynack More (Intermediate)

Bynack More offers the classic Munro scenario to test your will and skill – at an elevation of 3,576 feet (1,090 metres), it’s disconnected from neighbouring peaks and soars from a concatenation of tiny lochs into a plateau-like topography. The views from the top command a panoramic angle from the heart of the park, and various routes are suggested.

Cairn Gorm and Ben Macdui (Advanced)

Perhaps the most famous mountains in the Cairngorms, this pair is frequently joined into a high-intensity exercise by seasoned hillwalkers – although the mountain infrastructure has been extensively developed on Cairn Gorm, detracting from its Munro characteristic of wilderness. If you haven’t quite filled the big shoes yet, you can opt for the hike totalling 11 miles with a start and finish at Cairngorm Mountain. In any scenario, the experience is one of the most celebrated in the park.


Post-Climb Cushion, Anyone?

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