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Leap Into Spring with These Savvy Tips from Thai Lodge Spa

Leap Into Spring with These Savvy Tips from Thai Lodge Spa

Posted by Hilton Coylumbridge, March, 2016

It’s officially spring on Sunday 20th March 2016 and we’re delighted to bring you these tips by Wray Maxwell from the Thai Lodge Spa to help you leap into the warmer months feeling fully revitalised. Over to you, Wray…

“The feeling of spring around the corner is my favourite time of year. The dullness of winter has passed and it's time to start thinking of brightening up our skin.”

Get a Natural Healthy Glow

“Now the winter layers are disappearing, a healthy glow for the skin is so easy to prepare. Add a small drop of oil into a relaxing bath or directly onto your skin to take away the dryness winter has created. Find an oil or butter you can use for everything from bath to foot to lip care.

A favourite of mine is 100% pure organic coconut oil for your bath and hair – it makes a super natural cleanser. For mum’s-to-be, there’s nothing better than our pure organic cocoa butter.”

Top tip – Drink one or two cups of oolong loose leaf green tea a day to detox that skin and get your glow on for spring.

Prep Your Feet for Summer

“After being wrapped up in socks and boots all winter, it's amazing when you get to wear sandals and your feet look healthy with lovely sparkling toes. To keep them like this, massage a small amount of coconut oil into your feet before bedtime. This will stop them from becoming dry during those summer months.”

Wow! What do you think guys? Awesome tips, right? We’re now even more excited about spring!

If you feel like you could use some extra pampering from Wray and her team at the Thai Lodge Spa, check out their treatment list or why not book a two-night Highland Spa Break from just £175?