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Let Your Exploring Be-Gin

Let Your Exploring Be-Gin

Posted by Maria Mangion, September, 2018

Don’t you love a gin-fused pun? We don’t need an excuse to burst into floral language, but we’re actually firing plenty of them at you for a special occasion. We’ve partnered up with Caorunn Distillery to craft a gin-tastic getaway to the swirly, rustic landscapes of the Scottish Highlands in autumn. Safe to say that diehard gin connoisseurs and dainty G&T drinkers alike will find this combo irresistible!

What’s On Offer

So, here’s the deal. When you stay with us on a bed, breakfast and dinner package for 2 days throughout this season, you get a free tour of the up-and-coming Caorunn Distillery, plus a gin cocktail of your picking at our Foyer Bar.

It’s no wonder they call their house product – the remarkable, expansive Caorunn Gin – the Highlands in a glass. This gin melds foraged botanicals with buckets of experience and beads of dedication to result in a drink like no other, replete with the sensual kick of the Scottish wilderness itself.

caorunn-logoSo while you wake up in the silent splendour of our charming hotel nestled in Aviemore, have an unlimited buffet breakfast to charge you up for the day (and maybe snuggle between the sheets for a cheeky five more minutes), prepare your backpack with adventure supplies and head out into the crisp, beautiful Cairngorms National Park, the Caorunn Distillery will already be whisking its potions in its magical lab and warming up for your visit.

A Daring Distillery

Caorunn Distillery is housed within the Balmenach Distillery in Cromdale, a short 30-minute drive from the hotel that skirts the fringes of the River Spey. The celebrated river is the seed from which several distilleries spring forth, but Caorunn is singling itself out for its landmark gin – a fruit of the labour of gin master, Simon Buley.

You’ll see Simon in his element at the distillery, shaking up wild aromas and flavours with a natural deftness that could peg him for a wizard. The gin-making process is a truly fascinating one, blending more than your usual share of brewing ingredients and introducing a delicate touch that’s singular to this spirit.

The tour introduces you to the Caorunn fundamentals and walks you through the process in 3D mode, perking up your knowledge of gin creation and enhancing your appreciation. Of course, your palate will also join in the fun: a nosing and tasting session wraps up the intimate tour that’s a far cry from the commercialised setting present at bigger distilleries.

Best of all, you won’t fork out a penny for the experience – your gin-faring is on us!


Your Caorunn Gin Cocktails

In addition to the swig of delicious gin and tonic you’ll get at the Distillery, our fantastic bar staff will be serving these creative gin mixes at the Foyer Bar. Sit back and sip your gin with a sweet backdrop.

The Green Loch Gin

  • Caorunn Gin
  • St Germain
  • Apple juice
  • Lime

The Caorunn Collins

  • Caorunn Gin
  • Gomme syrup
  • Lemon juice
  • Strawberries


The Package Revisited

Good things come in threes! That’s why this sumptuous, gin-themed weekday break is the very idea of perfection for many. Here’s a quick round-up of what’s included again:

  • Accommodation fully inclusive of facilities (indoor pool, sauna, gym, free parking etc.)
  • Bed, breakfast and dinner at the hotel
  • Caorunn Distillery tour
  • One gin cocktail from the Foyer Bar

This offer is valid from Mondays to Thursdays until 20th December 2018 (and excludes weekends, the October school holiday period and Sunday 11th November).

A heads-up for booking the package: the best way to go about it is to check that the Caorunn Distillery has available spaces left for the dates and times you’d like to visit. You can then book your 2-day stay with us, after which we’ll send you a promotional code to use when booking your gin tour.

Hop over to the official Caorunn Distillery website for tour times and booking.