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Game On! Newtonmore Highland Games

Game On! Newtonmore Highland Games

Posted by Hilton Coylumbridge, July, 2017

Each summer, for thousands of years, the Highland games have celebrated Scottish culture with athletic and sporting competitions. The first recorded Highland games dates back to the 11th century, when King Malcolm III of Scotland, summoned contestants to perform a footrace to the summit of Craig Choinnich – with the fast-footed winner to be his royal messenger.

Today the games feature lighthearted festivities, such as piping and dancing, alongside the ancient heavy events, including the famed caber toss.

On August 5, Join the clans that descend upon Newtonmore, just 25 minutes from Hilton Coylumbridge, to experience this summer’s games on grounds that have been home to the celebration for over fifty years.

Kilts, Cabers & Ancient Culture

Highland games are steeped in tradition, with the format only evolving slightly over the centuries. Today, visitors can expect a mix of old-time customs, coupled with family-friendly attractions.

What to Expect:

  • The spectacular site of the Clan Macpherson Annual Rally, with Clansmen joining from across the globe.
  • As with the original Highland games, racing is still central to the day. Watch the Creag Dhubh Hill Race – an intensive feat of endurance, strength and speed.
  • Listen to the swell of multiple pipe bands, coming together in an emotive performance for your entertainment.
  • Highland dancers, performing intricate moves to the sound of the bagpipers.

The Heavy Events

Did you know, the Scottish Highland Games Association states that competitors in open heavy events must wear a kilt when they compete?

  • Caber Toss: Over time, this has become a symbol of the games. A full-length log - traditionally made from Scots pine – is lifted by the competitor and tossed through the air.
  • Shot Put: Competitors launch a 20-26lb weight as far as they can, the contestant who throws the shot put furthest, wins.
  • Tug O’war: This ancient game is fiercely played at any Highland event. Two teams of eight battle one rope as they fight to pull the opposing team’s end over the line.

Head to the Highlands

With plenty of parking provided for the games, pack the car – plus the kids – and make a weekend of it. With family rooms with connecting doors and suites with bunk beds for the kids, our location offers a great family getaway in the heart of the Highlands.

Breakfast Buffet

The day’s events begin at Newtonmore at 11am, giving you plenty of time to fuel up with our legendary Scottish breakfast. Full of traditional favourites including potato scones, haggis and black pudding, it’s the perfect way to begin a day of Scots culture.