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Hungry for Adventure? Try Obstacle Courses in Aviemore

Hungry for Adventure? Try Obstacle Courses in Aviemore

Posted by Maria Mangion, May, 2018

So much to do, so little time. This is the reality for adventurers landing in Aviemore, whether it’s the first or the fiftieth time. May has been serving up all manner of delicious weather and conditions in the Scottish Highlands, so we’re giddier than ever to be presenting yet another cracking way to spend a weekend in Aviemore.

Say hello to TreeZone!

All About TreeZone

Treezone is the aptly named obstacle course provider situated just 5 minutes away from Hilton Coylumbridge by car or 15 minutes on foot. You won’t have to go through any painstaking travelling to get to this Neverland for all the family or your cohort of schoolkids!

Obstacle courses abound in the leafy wilderness of the Cairngorms National Park, each of them tailored for adventurers 7 years old and 110 centimetres tall and upwards, with no experience required.

Tickets are priced as follows:

  • Adults: £27
  • Children under 18 years: £20
  • Family (2 adults + 2 children or 1 adult + 3 children): £80
  • Schools and youth groups: £18 (valid from Monday to Friday during term time for a minimum of 12 people)

Let’s have a look at what these nature-wrought obstacle courses have in store for you.


The Treecreeper

This cornerstone obstacle course is designed to trigger your imagination and exercise your outdoor skills in a stunning setting. There are 12 obstacles placed up to 5 metres off the ground along 84 metres of excitement, kicking off from the TreeZone Fortress. Here’s a sneak peek into the fantasy-inspired journey:

  • Venture out along Fortress Gangplank
  • Teeter across the Postman’s Walk
  • Jump across the Big Gap
  • Fly down the Zip Wire
  • Wobble over the Indiana Jones Bridge
  • Scramble over the Mosquito Net
  • Check around for Red Squirrels in the trees
  • Head through the Floating Barrel
  • Swing between the Hanging Islands and across the Organ Pipes
  • Catch your breath along the Burma Bridge
  • Test yourself on the Balance Beam and the Hanging Vines on your way back to the Fortress

The wee ones under 1.3m tall are lucky enough to get another shot along the TreeCreeper while the big guns get promoted to the Buzzard course. Woohoo!


The Buzzard

Described as the “big, bad brother” of Treecreeper, the Buzzard packs 22 mean obstacles in a 231-metre course featuring a Wonky Bridge, Noughts and Crosses, The Nest, The Big-zip and much more. We’re keeping the secrets of this one under the veil so there’ll be no spoilers to dampen your racing heart!

But psst, here’s a fun fact: the record Buzzard speed is 40 kilometres per hour!

Accommodation a Stone’s Throw Away

After the Aviemore revelry, you’ll be craving a steaming hot, flavourful supper, a warm, comfy bed and all the looking after that’s normally your job back home. Our classy, laidback hotel has all this and then some.

With five restaurants catering to every palate under the sun, a full legendary breakfast each day, sleek rooms and our current early bird offer, you’ll be in the best hands after swinging through obstacles all day.