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Our Tips for a Stress-Free Christmas

Our Tips for a Stress-Free Christmas

Posted by Maria Mangion, November, 2017

In less than seven weeks, Christmas-themed tablecloths will be adorning your dining table and carols will softly be siphoning their way in from the windows steamed by the mulled wine on the stove. Christmas is almost with us, folks!

And year in, year out, we promise ourselves that our management skills for the festive period are going to improve next time. No one wants to be the lone ranger trawling the discount bins at 7pm on Christmas Eve for that gift you totally forgot about while busying yourself with dozens of other things to prepare.

So without further ado, we’re bringing you a slice of our best Christmas advice for diehard fans who prefer savouring the season as a smooth crescendo rather than a cheerful shock!

Do yourself a favour and follow these tips to ensure your Christmas is a time of joyful merriment and relaxation instead of a Scrooge-like race against the clock.

Make Lists

Make friends with list-making and you’ll be a thousand times better off in your planning. Whether it’s a list of groceries to buy for prepping your Christmas lunch or a list of Christmas present ideas for the family, a scatterbrained approach will only stress you out.

Make lists of things you want to do over the festive period and events you need to attend so you avoid missing the important stuff. You’ll be feeling super proud when you tick that last entry on your carefully crafted lists!


Shop in Advance

It’s tempting to leave Christmas chores until the very last minute when the spirit truly kicks in. Early birds are the wiser, though. If you get your shopping done in advance, you’ll have more time to chill out and enjoy the events piling up on your calendar as the days tumble onwards to the big day.

You’ll also avoid that very common predicament of the loveliest presents and juiciest bargains being snagged by your competitors the earlier you hit the shops.

Plan Ahead

The all-too familiar story of overbooking yourself and clashing Christmas events is an avoidable evil if you schedule your season and spread out your commitments sensibly. Planning ahead is smart advice in any situation; as the saying goes, it’s half the battle.

Squirrel away time for organising your get-togethers, making arrangements for parties and getting everything done on time. You might need to take some time off to nail all your to-dos, so don’t hesitate to book some holiday leave to sort out all your plans.

Budget Wisely

Setting spending limits and sticking to them is the art of getting Christmas right. Too many people get carried away in the shops with their glittery offers and endless incentives to buy more of this and that.

Loading up on unnecessary frivolity will only make your vital purchases that much harder to pin down. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking Christmas is always an expensive affair that breaks the bank. If you shop in advance, plan ahead and budget wisely, your precious pennies will go the extra mile.


Use Technology

Technology has made our chores and activities a walk in the park. Why not harness its life-simplifying powers for your Christmas preparations too? A lot of your festive shopping can be carried out online in the comforts of your home or in between other tasks throughout your day.

Panto tickets, Christmas staff dinners and ice rink passes can all be conveniently sorted with a few taps on your laptop, smartphone or tablet. Take advantage of the resources available!


Take a Break

In the chaotic hubbub of it all, it happens that you don’t look after yourself nearly as much as you need to. Planning your Christmas – especially with kids in tow – can be stressful if you’re stretching yourself too thin. Hilton Coylumbridge has the solution.

Santa and his reindeer pals will drop in on you and light some fireworks when you treat yourself to our Christmas breaks. Starting from just £223 per double room per night, a quick getaway to Aviemore, with live evening entertainment, is just what will kindle your inner fire for the 25th of December.

And while you're here, why not treat yourself to a gift? You certainly deserve a nourishing treatment at our Thai Lodge Spa.


Gift a Break

With the Northern Lights having cloaked the Scottish Highlands and the rest of the UK in colourful celestial wonder last week, there’s no better time to give your eager loved ones an early Christmas present. And what’s better than a memorable experience in the Scottish Highlands?

Our selection of gift vouchers starting from £25 is a surefire way to make someone’s Christmas this year. Our gift vouchers can be redeemed for hotel stays, upgrades, plus food and drinks purchases in the hotel. No more retail headaches and dizzying doubt about their taste in food.

You can’t go amiss with a break in our charming Aviemore hotel!


Make a Party or an Outing Out of It

You don’t have to face the Ghost of Christmas Present alone. In fact, crafting your Christmas is proven to beat stress when done in great company. Rally your closest friends and family to put up the decorations and create the atmosphere you’re pining after. Set up a fun afternoon of Christmas market-hopping and pub-trotting.

Or you can turn the drama up a notch and ship your crew to our Christmas Party Nights. Running every weekend from 2nd to 16th December, the live band Rhythm n Reel will gel your festivities together and have you dancing your pre-Christmas stress away in a jiffy.