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Our Top 5 Team Building Activities in Aviemore

Our Top 5 Team Building Activities in Aviemore

Posted by Hilton Coylumbridge, January, 2015

Team building – two words that can inject joy or fear into the hearts of business types. Get a team building activity right and you’re looking at an investment in an experience guaranteed to bring the whole bunch closer together than ever before. Get it wrong however and they’ll return back to the office not only disliking each other, but with a jaded view of the business as a whole.

That’s exactly why we whole heartedly recommend Hilton Aviemore as the perfect place to head for a bit of team-building the likes of which will be remembered for all the right reasons. And with some Winter Sale Offers like these there’s never been a better time to see what’s on offer – the following five representing our top picks of the bunch:

Quad Biking

There’s something uniquely exciting about quad biking that’s impossible to put your finger on. Whether it’s following a challenging off-road path to adventure or blasting around a course to find out how competitive you really are, it’s a buzz that’s unlike any other on four wheels. And if nothing else, there’s the hilarity of seeing everyone zipped up in the unflattering safety gear – always a giggle all-round!

Raft Building

It sounds so easy on the surface – take some barrels, tie them together and then set sail on the thing. In reality however, things never pan out quite like this and the results are nothing short of spectacular. And let’s face it, there’s nothing quite as effective for building a team as watching those around you flounder in their failures!

Clay Pigeon Shooting

What never fails to surprise those trying clay pigeon shooting for the first time is how it’s about a million times more fun than it looks to be. Seriously – you simply will not believe how addictive it is until you fire off your first few shots and feel that powerful recoil burying into your shoulder. And when it comes to adding a little competitiveness to the whole thing, throw a few prizes in and you’d be surprised how seriously folk begin to take it all!

Laser Tag

Still on the subject of firearms, shooting a clay pigeon is one thing but running around a futuristic arena blasting your workmates (and bosses!) until kingdom come is something else entirely. In this instance however you’ll be exchanging the shotgun for a harmless laser gun for a tournament that never fails to separate the heroes from the zeroes. Here’s another example of a teambuilding activity that will bring to light just how competitive you all really are!

White Water Rafting

Last but not least, weather-permitting there’s the option of taking part in the UK’s premier white water rafting experiences. Here’s the perfect opportunity to see how brave each member of the group really is, while taking part in an activity which although 100% safe for all involved has a habit of feeling like certain death. Grab an oar, grab a helmet and grab life by the proverbials – it’s an outing you and the team will never, ever forget.