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Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Posted by Hilton Coylumbridge, October, 2016

Whether you’re a master carver or a complete novice, these easy-to-carve pumpkin ideas will spark your creativity. If you’re fed up with the traditional smiling jack-o'-lantern then check out these trendy designs and give Halloween a new groove that everyone will love. Remember to share your photos of your carved pumpkin on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages! 



These no-carve, whimsical squash creations are a total delight. Buy as many butternut squashes as you like though 2 will be enough. Carve 2 small holes in the butternut squashes for eyes, and push in dried black beans for pupils. Grab some craft glue and stick on a kidney bean horizontally for a nose. Carve the mouth using a knife, remembering to exaggerate the size and shape for a humorous twist. For the feet, cut off ends of cucumbers at an angle and secure with toothpicks. Trace and cut out a hat template onto fabric - rattan works best - and roll into a cone shape, then secure with craft glue. For ears, slice skin off the bottom half of the squashes and cut into 2 half circles, and secure with toothpicks. For the beard, glue 2 rows of dried pumpkin seeds around the base of the squash. Create a belt from a piece of fabric and a belt buckle from a piece of cardboard and glue both in place. Add hair by glueing a bunch of straw to the sides of the base of the squash. Voila, you have a gnome!

Spiderweb Pumpkins

Create your own spiderweb template on a piece of kitchen foil and cut out using a pair of scissors. Similar to a snowflake, the design should be fairly intricate with attention to detail - but it is Halloween so feel free to just do whatever you want! Apply to the pumpkin with a thin layer of craft glue so it lies flat. If you have plastic spiders or insects, dot spots of glue to attach them to the pumpkin.

Metallic Tattoo Pumpkins

For an incredibly quick and easy way to transform your pumpkin, pick up some metallic tattoos from Amazon, New Look or Accessorize, and stick them on the pumpkin. The designs come in all shapes and sizes so choose your favourite. No need to be particular in how you apply them – they’re so professional looking everyone will think you’ve painted them on yourself!

Lollipop Pumpkins

For a really fun and edible treat, hollow out a medium-round pumpkin from the bottom. Carve a half-circle mouth, leaving a single tooth in the middle, 2 half-circle eyes and a triangle for the nose. Using an apple corer, poke holes through the top and sides of the pumpkin, and insert brightly coloured lollipops. That way, people can help themselves – a treat for the eyes and the mouth!

Plant People

For a funky, eco-friendly decoration, cut the top off a pumpkin and hollow out the inside with a spoon, removing all seeds and any extra flesh. With a permanent marker, draw on playful eyes and a mouth - make them exaggerated half-moon shapes, and carve them out with the knife. Place plant pots inside and arrange the ‘hair’ to frame each face. The wackier the plant, e.g. cactus, the wackier the pumpkin!

Pumpkin Leftovers

Not sure what to do with extra or leftover pumpkins? Turn them into delicious pumpkin-spiced lattes!


  • 1 cup milk
  • 2 tbsp. pumpkin puree
  • 1 tbsp. sugar
  • ¼ tsp. pumpkin spice (ground nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves)
  • ¼ tsp. vanilla extract
  • ¼ cup hot espresso or strongly brewed coffee
  • Whipped cream, for serving

Combine the milk, pumpkin puree, sugar, pumpkin spice and vanilla in a medium microwavable bowl. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and vent with a small hole. Microwave until the milk is hot, 1 to 2 minutes. Whisk vigorously until the milk mixture is foamy, about 30 seconds. Pour the espresso or coffee into a large mug and add the foamed milk. Top with whipped cream and a sprinkle of pumpkin spice. Enjoy!