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Remember These Food Dishes from the 60's?

Remember These Food Dishes from the 60's?

Posted by Hilton Coylumbridge, October, 2015

Modern cuisine is of course fantastic, but from time to time there’s really nothing quite like visiting the recipes of our childhoods for a taste of real nostalgia. Chances are that whether you were a child, a teenager or an adult back in the 1960s, there will be certain recipes, products and dishes that still to this day stand out in your mind.

This November, we’ll be celebrating our anniversary and as part of the festivities will be assembling and offer a special 60's inspired menu for the very first time, you can view the menu here. We’ll be putting our own signature twist on an array of our personal favourites, along with a selection of dishes requested and recommended by our guests. And of course, you can expect the usual fine-dining standards across the board – the same not necessarily being said for many restaurant staples in the 60s!  For full information on our restaurant including opening and closing times, please visit our dining and drinks page here.

So for those who enjoy a trip down memory lane just as much as we do, check out the following iconic 60s dishes and see how many stir up a sense of nostalgia:

1 – Fondue

First up, there was a time back in the sixties when there was really nothing more sophisticated or high-brow on the dining scene than fondue. Of course it’s still a wonderfully delicious dish today, but at the same time it’s not exactly considered the rare and exquisite fine-dining delicacy as it may have been back then. Suffice to say, pure magic for the cold winter weather!

2 – Anything Sealed in Jelly

The 60s were also a time when it seemed to become hugely fashionable and appealing to take a variety of standard ingredients or menu items and encase them in jelly. From salads to meats to fish and so on, it was commonplace to find all manner of wobbly wonders gracing the tables at classy eating joints. It was a trend that continued throughout the 50s and 60s, though today is pretty much extinct…which isn’t necessarily a tragedy.

3 – Prawn Cocktail

Well, they always say you can’t beat a classic and considering the fact that prawn cocktail is still a global rock-star on the dining scene, it’s a pretty prime example. Still, it owes its origins to the good-old 1960s, though during this period it wasn’t likely to be found anywhere other than upmarket restaurants and high-end functions.

4 - Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Another classic that still finds its way onto so many tables even today, the humble pineapple upside down cake is an undeniable star of the 60s. Not that it was ever considered particularly posh of course, but still…delicious!  Look out for pineapple upside down cake and other nostalgic sweet treats in Costa Coffee during November!

5 – Chicken A La King

Last but not least, you’d have been hard-pressed to live through the 60s without experiencing or at least coming across Chicken a la King. A relatively simple combination of chicken and vegetables all bound in a creamy sauce, everyone that tried their hand at making it had their own unique approach and it was rare to find any two examples even remotely similar. 

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