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Soft Play Survival Tips for Grown-Ups

Soft Play Survival Tips for Grown-Ups

Posted by Hilton Coylumbridge, May, 2016

Every kid loves a trip to the soft play. But for ill-prepared grown-ups, it can feel a bit like stepping into a jungle! So read our Soft Play Survival Tips from The Fun House, Aviemore and ensure your day out is as fun and stress-free as possible.

  1. Dress like you mean business – wear socks and clothes fit for climbing and tackling ball pits, just in case you need to conduct a rescue mission from the play zone.

  2. Call in for backup – that means bring a partner, friend or whoever to keep lookout while you sneak off to grab a coffee.

  3. Avoid the stampede – plan your visit around the busiest times. Try early morning or late afternoon and have your pick of the best seats with a little more calm. The kids will have more fun too with no queues for the big slide!

  4. Bring extra socks – socks go missing or they’ll get wet (watch out for mysterious ‘wet spots’ and spillages).
  5. Take time out – everyone benefits from taking a breather to restore energy (and possibly sanity) levels. So escape to the quiet room or stop for lunch.

  6. Bring treats – they’ll come in handy when you need to bribe the kids at home time!



“Why do they call them waiters… when we are the ones who wait?”

“Ouch! I stubbed my toe! The one that ate roast beef!”

“I can spell my mum’s name. M-U-M.”

“My grandpa lives in a vase in the living room.”

Now you know how to survive a trip to the soft play, we hope to see you soon at The Fun House, Aviemore. Check out our new website for details –

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