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The School Trip of a Lifetime in Scotland

The School Trip of a Lifetime in Scotland

Posted by Maria Mangion, September, 2018

Welcome to the Cairngorms in Scotland, where fairies flutter through the branches of ancient forests and trees can be heard whispering to each other in the wind. The colourful storybook imagination of a child’s dream come true! With acres of awe-inspiring, dramatic landscapes and animated wildlife populating the still scenes, Scotland’s bucolic side can transport your students to a whole other world beyond the four walls of the classroom.

If your school or class is due a trip and you’re still peering at options from within Scotland, the rest of the UK or even farther afield, Hilton Coylumbridge can offer an experience worthy of yearbook gold.


A National Park that Ticks All the Boxes

Not only is the Cairngorms National Park one of the most naturally beautiful places in the UK, it’s also a charity fully dedicated to immersing the general public – including schoolkids, their teachers and staff – into an exploratory, educational and conservatory mission of our natural heritage.

If you hail from Scotland, here’s a chance to show your students a living, breathing specimen of the biology they’re learning in one of the outdoor research epicentres of the UK. Take the lesson outside the classroom and into the wild while educating the next generation on the fundamental counterpart to their urban environment: Mother Nature.


You can be sure they’ll hold the hands-on lessons to heart throughout their scholastic journey, and of course, these 3D demonstrations of academic transmission will renew your perception of the world and the vocation of teaching itself.

Find out more about the Cairngorms National Park’s initiatives towards education and learning.

Bespoke Packages for Schools

We can work with you to craft a package exclusively for your cohort, as we know that every school and classroom are different with unique needs. Let us know what you’d like to get out of your trip, and we’ll work our magic.

Here’s a quick run-through of the basic amenities we can provide:

  • A free kids’ club aptly named The Fun House for your child students to unwind in after a bustling day of educational adventure, including a soft play tree house and video game arcade. Special themed nights like “Native American Night” or “Pirates Night” – jus to give you an example – can also be arranged.
  • A fenced outdoor playpark with swings for the kids and benches for the adults.
  • An indoor, heated pool with slide where they can splash around to their soul’s content in a safe space.
  • A fabulous selection of things to do beyond curriculum hours – from cycling to jumping onboard a Harry Potter-style steam railway or wildlife-watching, you won’t run out of possibilities in Aviemore.
  • Childcare extras such as cots, high chairs and bottle warmers to ensure you have the right supplies at every moment.
  • Supplementary supervision for any of the activities listed.


… Talk to Us!

Intrigued? We’re here to assist you in creating this life-enhancing school trip. Benefit from competitive rates and the sterling Hilton hospitality in our cosy Aviemore outpost. Our experience in bonding with families and kids of all ages and backgrounds is yet another confident ace in our deck.

Email us at or phone 0147 9810 661 for a friendly chat about your requirements and an exciting start to the grand plan!