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Scotland: Visit the

Scotland: Visit the "Most Beautiful Country in the World"

Posted by Maria Mangion, October, 2017

It’s official: the bonny village springing up from the Monadhliath plain and the Cairngorm mountains has yet again been declared one of the most significant spaces in the celebrated natural heritage of Scotland.  

The Independent recently reported that Rough Guides – an influential travel guidebook – placed Scotland at number one in its list of "most beautiful countries in the world". Ranked at the top spot amongst other fairytale destinations such as Canada, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa and Finland, Scotland’s enchanting landscapes and wild charm attracted the highest vote of approval.

Loch Garten

We might be a wee bit biased, but we couldn’t agree more – and Aviemore is a sparkling gem in the country honoured with this prestigious title. So what makes Aviemore so special? We already had ten ideas of our own not long ago, but let’s add a couple more claims to greatness to this list.

The rivers, lochs and marshes surrounding Aviemore are among the cleanest in Scotland. Not that we’d automatically suggest jumping in, of course – the water temperature in the colder months can dip to below freezing and hover at around 5°C throughout the rest of the year.

The splendour of the arctic wilderness is best appreciated from a distance, and you’ll find that you’re walking on moorland that has been immaculately preserved for thousands of years. Indeed, the Cairngorms forests are home to remnants of the original Caledonian pine forest and include a rare kind of pinewood found only in Scotland and Norway.

Ecologically, we pack a big punch, with 25% of the UK’s threatened bird, animal and plant species residing in our territory. Aviemore and its surrounding areas are also the best location for spotting the Scottish Crossbill, the only bird endemic to Britain.

Aviemore Peaks

Aviemore is a well-documented springboard into the spirit of Scotland. Situated right in the heart of the Cairngorms National Park, which sports the beguiling spectrum of Scottish wildlife we alluded to, Aviemore is the obvious choice for those who wish to take in the unlimited ‘beautiful country’.  Ski centres and famous distilleries and dispensaries of the singular Scottish dram are never more than a few miles away, as are historic landmarks and artistic renditions of Highland life.

Enjoying the true beauty of Scotland in Aviemore is pretty straightforward and doesn’t involve elaborate touristy schemes: simply grab a bike or your own two legs to explore the countless forest trails and hill paths that reveal all you need for a fulfilling experience.


As Malcolm Roughead – chief executive of VisitScotland – rightly asserted, “with great beauty comes great responsibility and we urge both visitors and residents alike to respect Scotland’s assets to protect and preserve them for many generations to come.” It’s our collective duty to ensure that the delicate balance between human leisure and activity and nature’s conservation and flourishment is maintained.

Tick Aviemore Off Your Bucket List

Now that we’ve (hopefully) taken your breath away with what to expect, we’ve saved the best for last. How about paying a visit to Hilton Coylumbridge? No one knows the local attractions better than us.

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We’re here to help make your stay in Aviemore a truly momentous occasion that never fades, just like our beautiful country. Let us pack your holiday with treats, from the bubbly awaiting the clink of glasses in your room to the routes you should take for the most scenic picnic you’ll ever have.