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What to Do with Kids in Aviemore During Winter

What to Do with Kids in Aviemore During Winter

Posted by Hilton Coylumbridge, January, 2015

There’s really no denying the stunning beauty of Aviemore in the wintertime – a picture postcard perfect setting where the winter wonderland you may have only dreamed of comes to life before your eyes. But what’s also surprising about this unique area of the UK is how jam-packed it is with activities for families with kids of all ages during the winter months, not just adults looking to get away from the real world for a few days.

Here’s a look at just a few top-picks for family activities in Aviemore this winter:

Cairngorm Sleddog Centre

It’s true – one of only five daily operating sleddog centres in the whole of Europe is right here in Scotland! It’s the kind of thing you’d expect to have to travel to a somewhat unearthly and inhospitable environment to ever have any real chance of having a go at, but the Cairngorm Sleddog Centre brings the unique thrill of dog-sledding all year round. Best of all, it’s not even necessary for there to be snow on the ground – there’s a specially developed dry course to keep the action going come rain or shine!

Loch an Eilein

For one of the most stunning vistas in the entire area which crosses the threshold into the purely magical in the wintertime, take a trip with the family to Loch an Eilien. Blessed with some of Scotland’s best low-level walking paths, the protected ruins of an ancient castle and some of the bets wildlife watching opportunities around, it’s a day out you won’t soon forget. And should the weather permit, there’s really no better place to head for a day’s cycling.

Strathspey Railway

Head over to Aviemore station for one of the most enjoyable trips by rail you and the family could ever wish for. The Cairngorms National Park really is the stuff of fairytales and at no time of the year looks quite as breathtaking as during the winter months. Blanketed in snow on a crisp winter morning, the vintage steam train makes its way through a series of incredible vistas – each of which is more memorable than the last. Combined with our unique Toddler Break package, it’s a wonderfully affordable mid-winter treat the kids will simply love.

Cairngorm Reindeer Centre

Get up close and personal with Scotland’s prize reindeer herd at the Cairngorm Reindeer Centre, where over 150 of these gorgeous little beauties are free to roam a huge open area more than 30 miles in length. Don’t worry though – they’re more than happy to make friends with visitors and are always close by for petting, feeding and photo taking!

Outdoor Discovery

Last but not least, the area as a whole is blessed with some of the most epic outdoor discovery opportunities anywhere in the UK. From learning to ski for the very first time to a rousing game of laser tag and right through to junior quad biking, there’s something for kids of all ages in this wonderfully unique corner of Scotland.  Even better is the fact that the Outdoor Discovery Centre is handily located within the grounds of Hilton Coylumbridge.