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Have a Golden Spurtle? Come to the World Porridge Making Championships

Have a Golden Spurtle? Come to the World Porridge Making Championships

Posted by Maria Mangion, September, 2018

Next Saturday 6th October, the power of the golden spurtle will be summoned to the Cairngorms in pursuit of the world's best bowl of porridge. That's right, we love our oaty treat so much that we've incepted a feast of its own. It'll be sticky, sweet, hilarious and roaring fun for all the family!


The Cook-Off

So what exactly will the contenders be fighting for in this cultural foodie contest? The Golden Spurtle trophy and coveted title of "World Porridge Making Champion". It's no mean feat, so you'll be seeing solid cooks from all over the world battle it out in a bid to make the tastiest concoction of this national treasure.

The competition takes place in Carrbridge from 10am to 4pm on Saturday, so a weekend trip to the Cairngorms makes for an ideal recipe to fill you up with goodness. Once you're there, the spurtles are out and the creations are in. It's not just the perfecting of the original formula that gets top prize – porridge innovation and art also come out on top.

Entries as richly inventive as Sticky Toffee PorridgeFruity Date Porridge and Pinhead Risotto with Lemon and Thyme and Parmesan have captured the heart of the judges over the years, and the silver anniversary edition will be no less imaginative. Check out some truly bonnie recipes for some of the past winners here.


Porridge Under the Spotlight

Of course, the Golden Spurtle championship is a fitting occasion to expound the benefits of this simple foodstuff that punches above its weight in terms of health benefits. Here are the most notable ones:

  • Porridge is made from oats – one of the most natural and healthiest foods produced by man.
  • Plain porridge oats and oatmeal are 100% natural with no added sugar, salt or additives of any sort.
  • Oats are great for dieting because they're naturally low in calories. An average-sized bowl of porridge made with water is only around 171 (good!) calories.
  • Experts agree that oats have plenty of health benefits. With a high content of complex carbohydrates and soluble fibre, they release energy slowly and keep you feeling full for longer.
  • A bowl of porridge for breakfast provides the body with all the energy it needs until lunchtime.
  • Oats can also help in lowering cholesterol, which cuts down the risk of heart disease. Oats act as sponges, soaking up cholesterol and flushing it out of the bloodstream.
  • Oats contain one of the highest levels of soluble fibre in any cereal. This is necessary for healthy digestion and also helps maintain a healthy heart as part of a low-fat diet.
  • Oats contain many essential vitamins and may have an effect in reducing the risk of diabetes.


That's enough convincing for a lifetime, so be a sport and join the porridge-making movement in Carrbridge this weekend. Get all the event details on the official website.

Mary's Meals, a Highlands-based charity with a simple solution for world hunger and a fantastic mission to banish this predicament from the 21st century, is the main beneficiary of World Porridge Day. Held on the Wednesday after the championship, on the 10th October every year, this complementary nod to porridge has a wonderful cause at heart that's calling for you to contribute.


Consider extending your stay for a few days so you can get involved and make a difference to the number one beacons of human hope – our children. The future depends on their spirits being nourished by our best efforts, and food and education are the two basic needs that will propel them into a path of prosperity.

We've got a range of special offer packages for everyone in the books, so talk to us if we can facilitate this wholesome experience for you.